Restoration Campaign

Colorized Photo of St Patrick


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, 

People often ask me what I hope for St. Patrick’s. My hope is that one day when the little ones in our pews grow to full stature and they bring their children to worship the Living God in this place, that they will never know a time when the Church did not generously splay before them all of the goodness, truth and beauty of our breathtaking Faith. We are the recipients of an unfathomable gift. That when we pass through the waters of baptism we become the Bride of Christ, His living presence extended through time and space in the temples of our souls. It is for this reason that we carefully design and build physical temples we call “churches.” These edifices are not mere structures, they are sacred places that God Himself wills to enter for the sake of our eternal salvation. To restore an individual church, to reclaim its temporal grandeur, is to restore the Church. That is what I ask of all of us. To play a small part in reclaiming the magnificence of God’s Kingdom in Portland, Oregon.  Whether St. Patrick’s is your parish community or is an integral part of your spiritual lineage, I ask that we use our temporary treasure to help secure our eternal home. To this end I personally pledge $100,000 and my whole heart in service to you, the spiritual family God has given me to shepherd. Though I know I am a mere momentary steward, I pray that what we do here now, leads to a life that will never end.  

In Christ, 

Fr. Timothy Furlow, Pastor
St. Patrick Catholic Church