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Formation Night SM 11. How To Live In The Father’s Presence (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night SM 10. How To Live By The Golden Rule (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night SM 9. How To Deal With Judgment (Sr. Teresa)

Formation Night SM 8. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night SM 7. How to Pray and Fast like Jesus (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night SM 6. How To Become A Generous Giver (Sr. Teresa)

Formation Night SM 5. How to Respond to Difficult People (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night SM 3. How to Understand Sex In 21st Century (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night SM4 Integrity of Life (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night: How to Handle Anger (Fr. Ivan)

Formation Night: The Beatitudes( Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night Creed 11. Last things II (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night Creed 10. Last things I (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Talk: Commitment with Jesus the Teacher-Prep 2 (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Night Creed 9. Baptism

Formation Talk: Commitment with Jesus the Teacher-Prep 1 (Fr. Lucas)

Formation Talk: The Sacraments (Fr. Lucas) – March 2017

Formation Talk: The Church (Fr. Lucas) – February 2017

Formation Talk: The Holy Spirit (Fr. Lucas) – January 2017

Formation Talk: Passion and Resurrection (Fr. Lucas) – December 2016

Formation Talk: Life of Jesus (Fr. Lucas) – November 2016

Formation Talk: God the Father (Fr. Lucas) – September 2016

Formation Talk: I Believe (Fr. Lucas) – August 2016

Formation Talk: Revelation (Fr. Lucas) – May 2016

Formation Talk: 1st Corinthians (Sr. Teresa) – April 2016

Formation Talk: Mark (Sr. Teresa) – December 2015

Formation Talk: Maccabees (Fr. Lucas) – November 2015

Formation Talk: The Psalms (Fr. Lucas) – October 2015

Formation Talk: Exodus (Fr. Lucas) – September 2015

Year 1 – The Beatitudes

Talk 1 – Beatitudes (Fr Lucas) – June 2013

The Beatitudes – Fr. Lucas – 2013 from Lucas Laborde on Vimeo.

Talk 2 – Integrity of Life (Fr. Lucas) – August 2013

Talk 4 – October 2013 – Praying & Fasting like Jesus (Fr Lucas)

Prayer & Fasting from Lucas Laborde on Vimeo.