Living the Faith Series: Knowing & Living the Gospel

Session 3- Evangelization I: Knowing & Living the Gospel
St. Patrick Parish Hall

6:30-7:00PM  Dinner provided (gluten-free options available)
7:00-7:30PM  Talk by Father Timothy Furlow
7:30-8:00PM  Small Group Discussion 

In Living the Faith Level II we learned what it means to be a “practicing Catholic.” If you’ve taken this step and wondered where you go from here we’re happy to introduce Living the Faith Level III. For the next 9 months we’ll journey together to learn how to share the faith that we’ve started to live to the fullest. If you’ve known the healing, transforming, freeing power of Jesus in your life and want to learn how to bring it to the ones you love, join us this year. Become who you really are. Become a saint.